It’s a GOOD newsem!

As in a good-news poem, not necessarily a good news-poem. Obama made an executive call To give America's Cuba policy an overhaul. Some Republicans in Congress are pretty pissed, But soon enough I doubt the embargo will be missed. Global temperatures are still on the rise, But more of New York's gas will remain where …

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International Newsem: Global News That Rhymes

A polio vaccination team in Pakistan was attacked And the Taliban is suspected of committing the act. In February alone 700 were killed in Iraq, Most of them civilians who could not fight back. As US drone strikes in Yemen continue, The European Parliament condemns them anew. A vote last week passed a ban on …

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National Newsem: US News That Rhymes

International news will follow shortly! The Senate has ensured that farm subsidies will rise In what’s being called a “compromise.” But the rest of that bill has another side, With billions in food stamps being denied. But Obama is making an executive move That should make employment odds improve: He says that federal employers should …

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