It’s a GOOD newsem!

As in a good-news poem, not necessarily a good news-poem. Obama made an executive call To give America's Cuba policy an overhaul. Some Republicans in Congress are pretty pissed, But soon enough I doubt the embargo will be missed. Global temperatures are still on the rise, But more of New York's gas will remain where …

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National Newsem: US News That Rhymes

  Let’s start with what most on the East Coast already know: There’s a killer storm beating us with ice and snow. 500,000 have been left without power, And at least 13 saw their final hour. But some on the West Coast have cause to celebrate, As the death penalty is gone in Washington state. …

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Hunger Games + Glitter = Terrorism?!

Today I discovered that when two of my favourite things, The Hunger Games series and glitter, are combined, they transmute into a noxious recipe for terror. On December 13th, 2013, Earth First! and Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance activists in Oklahoma City, OK, were arrested on terrorist hoax charges after glitter falling from their banner …

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