We all have strengths in something, and most of those things are not writing. That’s where I come in: I do the writing while you do what you’re good at, whether it’s making beeswax birthday candles, rocking sales meetings, or campaigning for cleaner power plants. Let me use my skills to highlight yours. Let me translate your ideas, products, and accomplishments into words that will inspire and engage your audience. Let me help you achieve more.


From the text on your website to the subject line of your newsletter, words are what define your audience’s perception of you. The right words will attract more people, which translates to more sales, subscribers, donations, and in-person interactions.

I have written everything from traditional press releases to live-Tweets,  blog posts and guest articles, interviews and Facebook posts, newsletters and public talks. Whatever medium and format you need, I can write it.


Sometimes you just need a basic copy edit to make sure you used the write right ‘there’ and didn’t leave any embarrassing typos in the annual investor report. My sincere joy in using correct grammar has you covered.

For other projects you may want a closer edit that goes deeper than the grammar. I will work with you to clarify your content, find the exact words to most effectively convey your meaning, and create a more engaging piece.

Branding and Public Relations Strategy

You know exactly who you and your organization are, but does the public? I will be your partner in clarifying the image you present to the world and creating the content and media strategies you need to share it. Whether you need to up your e-newsletter game, write better pitches to the right media folks, or learn how to use Instagram to increase your reach, I am here to help you.


I may not be a college student anymore, but I still know how to find resources, analyze texts and data, and craft well-researched documents. Need a concise yet informative brief for your next board meeting? I got you covered. Want a list of every article ever written on North American coffee growers? Consider it done.


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