About me


I’m a writer by trade and passion, as comfortable writing about your latest business development as I am about that time I hid in the bathroom as a substitute teacher.


I have moved quite a bit over the past ten years, living in Montreal, New Zealand, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New York City, Chicago, and now the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York. I studied international development studies and international relations in college, where I focused on the relationships between economic development, environmental health, and social justice. Then I went and interned in elephant and dolphin training between waitressing and substitute teaching gigs instead of deworming orphans in Somalia (Legally Blond reference…), effectively derailing my original career plan to save the world.


But that’s okay because here I am, with a few years of corporate communications and public relations experience AND memories of being licked in the face by a frisky, romaine-loving giraffe named Randall.

When I’m not writing, you can find me outside hikinglooking for wildlife to spy on, reading, knitting, hanging upside down from something, eating, volunteering in one way or another, and generally trying new things. Or watching Bob’s Burgers. Again.

If you’re in need of some writing, editing, or general communication magic,  use the form below to let me know!



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