Questions from the trail: Is that a sweat bib?

Why, yes it is! Oh, haven’t heard of a sweat bib? Let me explain.

Those of us who sweat a lot get used to carrying around extra towels, bandanas, sweat bands, napkins, etc. when we’re out and about in the heat. Dripping is a fact of life. When hiking, I usually stuff a towel in one of my backpack’s side pockets and pull it out as needed, but between the heat and the incline (who put so many hills in these mountains anyway?), ‘as needed’ was pretty much constantly.

Sweat bib in action on the Appalachian TrailEnter: the sweat bib. Instead of reaching back for a towel, drying off, putting the towel back, and repeating way too frequently, just tuck it into your sternum (chest) strap! It’s always there when you need it and hands free the rest of the time. Added bonus: the towel might actually dry a little when it’s spread out instead of stuffed into a pocket!

The sweat bib may not be the most figure-flattering accessory, but it sure made my hike marginally more comfortable. Do you have any hiking comfort hacks to share? Let me know in the comments!

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