America already WAS great. Let’s keep it that way.

Along with the 52.5% of American voters who tried to elect candidates other Donald Trump for president, I am scared.

Honestly, I assumed Hillary Clinton would win. I know, assuming makes an ass out of u and me, but I did it. I didn’t stay up until the result was announced last night. I posted this  on Facebook Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 11.33.04 AM.pngand hoped the electoral tally would right itself by the time I woke up. It did not.

The me from a few years ago would be looking for any opportunity to leave this country right now. Uprooting my life and tossing it across the world has never been a problem for me, but I’m not moving this time, so instead I need to cope. Along with the tens of millions of other people who are mortified by the votes of our countrymen, I need to accept what’s happened, allow it to sink in, and then respond.

Because we will respond. I’m not talking about Democrats or Millennials or Liberals or any other interest group; I’m talking about all the people who choose love. Those of us who spread love and compassion might rarely win outright, but we matter.

47.5% of yesterday’s voters chose to be represented by a person who espouses hate, and that is terrifying. But it does not change the rest of us. We are still who we are, we still love our friends, neighbors, and strangers, no matter how different, and we will not introduce hate into our actions.

Just as no one, even professional statisticians and analysts, predicted Trump’s victory, no one knows what his presidency will bring. Not even him, I imagine. In the face of this uncertainty, I suggest we prepare by steeling ourselves from the hateful rhetoric, keeping it out of our hearts and minds. We need to be clearheaded to stand up for ourselves and our friends. Whatever form our actions take, we must act out of love, kindness, and compassion, and keep hate from splintering us into factions.

Love doesn’t always win, but I would rather go down in the arms of friends than retreat into the claws of hate.

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