Lieutenant Pumpkin MIA

I haven’t seen my little one in over three days, and I’m starting to lose it (depending on who you ask, that might be an optimistic assessment). She ran out through the new doggy door before the dogs even figured out how to use it, and she hasn’t come back yet.

She’s never left for more than a few hours before, so even though I know some people’s cats peace out for days, weeks, months at a time, I’m still so worried I’m not even hungry. Except for cookie dough. A lot of cookie dough.

I was hoping once it started raining she would say ‘fuck this I’m goin home,’ but it’s been pouring for a few hours now and there’s still no sign of her. I traipsed around the woods and did a fair amount of trespassing all over the neighbors’ property earlier with a nice hot bowl of the dry food she likes microwaved with water (she’s a weirdo who likes dry food better than wet food), hoping the aroma and my voice, combined with knowledge of my suffering in the rain for her, would tempt her out of a hiding spot. No dice.

Pumpkin is microchipped and was wearing a collar when she left, so I know I’ve done what I can in that department. Who knows if the collar is still on her, since I use the safety breakaway kind that prevent kitties from being strangled by their own collars. The breakaway feature could save her life, but the tradeoff is she might look like she’s a poor lost soul with no home or family to someone who finds her, and who knows if she’ll tell the truth when asked.

I’ve notified every local shelter I could find, listed her as lost with the microchip company and a local lost pet Facebook group, and asked the construction crew next door to keep an eye out. I’ve been leaving the bedroom door open every night and checking her usual hiding spot under the bed in the hopes that she’ll sneak back in through the doggy door.

I don’t have religion and don’t know who or what I would pray to, but this is a time when I wish I did. I hope she’s safe and on her way home and ready for snuggles.

5 thoughts on “Lieutenant Pumpkin MIA

  1. Oh no! I hope you find her. Our three legged cat once disappeared for 24 hours and we were terrified something happened to her… turned out she slept with a neighbour. (She isn’t meant to be out at all but a friend that was staying over didn’t realise that she snuck out…)

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