It’s a beautiful day to get rid of some crap 

But isn’t every day, really? I’ve been trying not to accumulate too many things for the last several years, but sometimes a giant Pikachu and a collection of stilettos I’ll never wear again just pop up in my closet. Something to do with gravity and the lunar cycle I think. 

The desire to pare down my belongings has little to do with any spiritual drive for minimalism; it’s just practical. I’ve moved more than 15 times in the last 10 years. I’ve moved  down the street, across the country, around the world, and back again. Most recently, Josh and I packed my studio apartment in Chicago into a mini school bus and drove it here to New York, where we share one room. Less is a necessity. 

My one table of stuff is barely a drop in the bucket of this yard sale, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the energy of transferring stuff out of our lives, into others, and onward in the great life cycle of things. 

I'm not your grandmother - talk back to me!

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