Feline Friday: Pumpkin learns to paint a seascape, and we have a newcomer 

What makes a cat so relaxed she lounges on her back with her toes in the air? Why, a painting lesson, of course!

I was feeling a little overwhelmed when I happened to scroll across the Bob Ross “Beauty is Everwhere” series on Netflix. Although I used to paint quite a bit, I had never seen the artist’s iconic PBS series “The Joy of Painting,” nor did I understand where all of the Bob Ross memes, like the gem below, came from, so I pressed play.


After a few minutes of listening to Bob Ross’s famously soothing voice and watching his brush move while his hair did not, Lieutenant Pumpkin and I were measurably calmer. I left the show on when I left the room for a few minutes, and when I came back Pumpkin was watching it. Not just laying down in the general direction of the TV – she was actually looking at the screen and watching him paint!

Pumpkin learning how to paint a seascape. I guess she’s a visual learner.

Josh was concerned when he walked in, but I assured him that we hadn’t completely lost our minds and he actually didn’t know what he was missing. How can you pass up a show that’s half painting lesson, a third baby squirrel video, and whatever’s left pure wisdom, all delivered in a tone so mellow you can’t help but to slouch in your easy chair?! Somehow, he resists.

In other news, this little cutie just moved in! Our housemate decided an indoor/outdoor cat would be exactly what we need to keep mice away, because apparently mice are allergic to cute. She doesn’t have a name yet, but she is snoozing in my lap right now.

Sadly, Pumpkin shows no signs yet of taking to the little one. She mostly hides when the kitten or dogs come in the room, and when she isn’t hiding, she’s hissing. I really hope she warms up to fellow critters someday and that I haven’t just raised a jerk. I suppose only time will tell.


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