Mission: research and write stuff. Status: go.

My mission to devote one night a week to blogging AND ONLY BLOGGING! has so far been successful. I may need to separate it into two nights, though, now that I’m branching out into freelancing as well.

Last week’s blog night started with “I’m going to research hive mind and honey bee self-sacrifice for my blog!” When I popped up out of the rabbit hole a few hours later, I had started writing “10 Animals That Discard Their Own Body Parts and Why.” There was a logical progression in there somewhere, and I think it involved bee penises. Strangely, I get a lot of silence on the phone when I tell my boyfriend what I learned about honey bee drone endophalluses.

Anyway, I’ve been loving researching and tracking down facts that fascinate me. I haven’t finished anything yet, but prepare to learn some cool stuff about animals that sacrifice their body parts, swarm intelligence, and surprise tunnels I have yet to burrow into!

I'm not your grandmother - talk back to me!

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