My latest excuses for not blogging

In yet another attempt to make blogging a more regular habit, I will outline the regular habits that have all come before blogging for the last month. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

So here are the top five activities and habits that most frequently come before blogging in order of how hard I think they will be to change:

  1. Netflix. For someone without a physical TV, I sure watch a lot of it. The accompanying excuse is, “I can accomplish other things while I’m watching.” This is true – I give Lieutenant Pumpkin her playtime, stretch after a workout, fold laundry, cook, clean, knit, whatever. But I don’t write.
  2. Knitting. The perfect accompaniment to Netflix! And now that I have a welcoming neighborhood yarn store, I spend a considerable amount of my weekend time there. On the one hand, I learn new skills and socialize. On the other hand, I do not write.
  3. Work. Obviously I don’t expect to start writing personal blog posts during work hours, but the job factors in because I work at a computer all day every weekday. On top of that, I started working from home a month ago. Fantastic, I know. But my eyes and fingers are glued to the computer for 8 hours of research and writing a day, most of it in my own home. This makes it harder to convince myself to spend personal time doing the same thing, even if it’s for my own fulfillment.
  4. Exercise. Sure, I could get close to two hours a day back if I stopped going to the gym. But is my blog going to save me when a bad guy backs me down an alley??? No. How about my muscles?? Also probably not. I sure like being able to open my own damn pickle jars, though.
  5. Cat. This one will almost certainly not change. I decided to take her after the ol’ breakup, and I’m responsible for her health and happiness. She deserves playtime, even if it’s tricky to wield a fuzzy mouse on a stick and type at the same time. Sometimes I tell her, “I’ll play with you at the end of this paragraph,” but she doesn’t care.

The one writing habit I have managed to keep up is nightly journaling, even when it devolves into “don’t feel like writing, cat sitting on journal anyway, night.” At least it’s proof that I CAN make writing an everyday habit.

Does anyone out there have suggestions, stories, sagas, or other S words to offer? Non-S words are also welcome.


12 thoughts on “My latest excuses for not blogging

  1. Ah, yes. There are a whole set of chores that I only seem to get done when I am putting off doing something else. I have always dreamed of working from home, but I can see where it would make writing in my spare time a lot harder!

    1. Yes! I get so much organizing done when there’s something else more pressing to do… Working from home is wonderful and I know I’m fortunate, but it has its own tricky aspects I’m (hopefully) learning to deal with.

  2. Aaah there’s always so many excuses! The only thing that seems to help me on a regular basis is specifically going somewhere to write outside of my home. Coffee shop, library, wherever. If I’m at home, I’ll be distracted by something without fail. And I only bring with me what I need to write.

    1. That’s a great idea, especially only bringing what’s necessary for the task you want to accomplish. The phone, the apps, all that stuff would be next on my list of distracting activities.

  3. Wish I could help you out. I have a thousand excuses of my own. Fear, doubt…kids. I’ve been blogging on and off for years. As a matter of fact, I made a webpage back in the 90s before everybody and their brother had webpages. We didn’t call it blogging. It was just a nerd thing. LOL

    1. Haha that’s fabulous. I’m trying to start re-categorizing ‘excuses’ as ‘roadblocks’ (or whatever) to make myself try to overcome them instead of just succumb. Kids must be a pretty big one, considering how much trouble I have with just my cat!

      1. I’ve got two cats, so I feel you 🙂 If they would just stop trying to lay on the keyboard. When I was in my 20s I had a pet cockatiel that used to like to peck the keys off of my laptop while I was typing.

        1. Well that would certainly make typing a bigger challenge haha. At least with cats we get breaks when its kitty naptime. Which is thankfully for hours every day.

  4. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I think journaling is so good. It’s my way (especially when the muse has been too quiet) to keep the pen to paper, the thoughts flowing. Sometimes I just doodle. 🙂

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