Toddlers: the next frontier of the gun debate

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A two-year-old sitting in a shopping cart next to his mom’s purse reached into it, as children, cats, and pickpockets alike are wont to do, pulled out something to play with, eat, or throw on the floor, and killed his mother with it.

Whether or not you’re from a town where carrying a loaded weapon is the norm, chances are this is not how you envision your next shopping trip turning out. Several things strike me about this event:

1. The gun is small and delicate enough for tiny toddler hands not only to hold it, but to pull the trigger.

2. Where was the safety?

3. Why was the gun in a purse away from the mom’s body, where a potential attacker (you know, the one she’s probably carrying the gun to protect herself against) could take it and use it against her? Sounds almost like she wasn’t carrying it for self-defense.


5. He’s not a bad shot.

And how do we know it was an accident, anyway? Maybe he’d heard that Hayden, the Idaho city he and his family were visiting, had amended its gun laws to clarify that firing weapons is completely justified if it’s in defense of people or property. Watch out, parents! The toddler demographic may be mobilizing.

I just hope the boy’s dad has learned from this. If I were him, I’d keep my hands off the cocoa puffs, or whatever the kids are eating these days.
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2 thoughts on “Toddlers: the next frontier of the gun debate

  1. John Doughy

    1. It’s crazy how small some firearms are. I’m not surprised that a toddler could pull the trigger, but that it struck someone in the head on the first and only shot.

    2. A lot of firearms don’t have any meaningful ‘safety’. (I think the conception of a safety is largely a result of movies, similar to guns being able to fire 30 rounds without reloading.) For example, the Glock 26:

    The only safety mechanism on that firearm is the smaller trigger extending out of the normal trigger. The gun doesn’t fire unless both triggers are pulled back simultaneously, but that doesn’t seem to make anything safer.

    Unrelatedly, more Pumpkin please =)

    1. Wow, you’re right – that is definitely not a safe safety. Thanks for including the picture! How could you do anything OTHER than pull both triggers at the same time on that?

      Every gun I’ve shot has had a safety somewhere a little more… safe, which is where my perspective comes from, but clearly that’s not a standard practice.

      =D Lt. Pumpkin is doing great and enjoying living at her nana’s house, but I will sort through our holiday pictures and post some soon!

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