It’s a GOOD newsem!

As in a good-news poem, not necessarily a good news-poem.

Obama made an executive call
To give America’s Cuba policy an overhaul.
Some Republicans in Congress are pretty pissed,
But soon enough I doubt the embargo will be missed.

Global temperatures are still on the rise,
But more of New York’s gas will remain where it lies.
Governor Cuomo banned fracking after a health and safety report,
Though the science is “bad,” say the Wall Street sort.

Continuing along the fossil fuel vein,
Gas and oil companies are still feeling the strain.
Chevron just decided to say no dice
To their Arctic drilling plans due to oil’s super low price.

US death penalties also hit a record low,
With jails dealing only 35 inmates their final blow.
Texas and Missouri tied with ten deaths apiece,
But at least the trend is on the decrease.

Conditions at Rikers Island jail are far from good,
But thanks to the federal government, the prison may finally do what it should.
Suing the city for civil rights violations may cause some dismay,
But let’s face it: suing is the American way.

Thought I know in my heart the good news doesn’t stop there,
It is time for me now to go dry my hair.
If you come across any delights worth sharing,
Please post them below – go on, be daring!

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