Newsem of the Week: US and Global News That Rhymes

Avalanche on Mount Everest, from BBC News.

In Weather: 34 have been killed across the US
By several tornadoes causing phenomenal distress.
In sports: a recording of Donald Sterling left the NBA dismayed
By the outright racism the LA Clippers owner displayed.

Vermont is poised to become the first state to require
That genetically modified foods be labeled for the buyer.
California’s governor links the state’s extreme drought
To long-term climate change with very little doubt.

Georgia’s governor signed an astonishing bill
Expanding where concealed firearms may be carried at will.
Bars and airports are now fair game,
And school zones too, which may bring the wrong kind of fame.

Palestinian politics could turn over a new leaf
With rival groups Hamas and Fatah claiming to settle their beef.
In Israel this news was greeted not with celebration;
Viewing Hamas as a group of terrorists, Israel called off a negotiation.

For the first time in history a Palestinian leader strongly denounced
The “heinous crime” of the Holocaust, as Fatah leader Abbas announced.
But Israel’s Netanyahu will not be swayed:
He insists Abbas choose Israel over Hamas for peace to be made.

Iraq is preparing for its first national elections
Since the US withdrew its troops from most sections.
Unfortunately, this news is marred by violence:
57 were killed Monday alone at political events.

In the Central African Republic Muslims feel forced to flee
From Christian-led violence in the capital Bangui.
Meanwhile Doctors Without Borders suspended its aid in one town
After a Muslim rebel group gunned 16 civilians down.

Mount Everest hopefuls have had to turn back
After an avalanche left at least 13 dead in its track.
Few consider the perils local sherpa guides bear,
And tensions are arising over their pay and their care.

And so concludes this week’s update in rhyme,
I’m glad to share with you the news and your time!

I thoroughly enjoy chatting about the news, so say hi below and share your views!


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