Newsem of the Week: US and Global News That Rhymes

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Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez died this week at 87 years old.

Many of us frequently wake up confused,
But for one Czech man that state has fused.
He woke up an amnesiac in a Norwegian snowbank,
And spent months under investigation, drawing a blank.

Despite deadly clashes Ukraine may soon see peace,
As they agreed with the US and Russia: escalation should cease.
This sounded great in Geneva, but Obama and I agree:
If words will translate to actions here, we’ll have to wait and see.

Putin is still showing the same pro-force attitude,
Even calling eastern Ukraine “new Russia”, which I consider quite rude.
An allegedly pro-Russian flyer demands special registration if one is a Jew,
Which is terrifying and appalling, whether or not it is true.

This month Assad has been accused four times
Of carrying out chemical weapons-related crimes.
Last year the regime agreed to destroy its stockpile,
But it has yet to meet any deadlines in the meanwhile.

To the Central African Republic the UN has sent a peacekeeping force,
Hoping to knock potential genocide off course.
And in South Sudan a group of armed youths attacked
Indiscriminately” a UN base that with civilians was packed.

475 South Korean vacationers left their ferry involuntarily
When it listed, fell over, and sank somewhat eerily.
With 25 dead and the rescue no easy game,
The captain is now facing scrutiny and blame.

Franklin Regional High School has its students back
A week after it saw a bloody knife attack.
One teen’s rampage injured 21 students and a security guard –
Thankfully no deaths, just dozens scarred.

The US congress does not agree
With Iran’s UN ambassador nominee.
They denied him a visa because they insisted
That in the 1979 hostage-taking he happily assisted.

40 million dollars and four years in the making,
The Senate’s CIA inquiry may finally be breaking.
From leaks, we know the CIA manipulated Congress,
Lying about its “brutal” interrogations and lack of success.

Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez is no longer alive,
But his life and work will continue inspiring us to strive.
Journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras of Snowdon fame
Returned to the US for the first time since the story broke, to much acclaim.

A federal judge struck down the North Dakota abortion flaw – excuse me, law
That had shredded female post-conception rights finer than cole slaw.
Former New York City mayor Bloomberg is taking a stand
And starting his Everytown for Gun Safety group with $50 million in hand.

Now I am almost too giddy to speak
Because I didn’t have to struggle to find good news this week.
Star journalists weren’t arrested, some women regained rights,
And an influential man is using his money against gun fights!

I would be delighted to hear what you think about current events, rhyming or not. So don’t be on the fence – drop a comment like it’s hot!

2 thoughts on “Newsem of the Week: US and Global News That Rhymes

  1. Think I’ll come here for all my news
    What they show on TV gives me the blues
    You have the words and the facts
    The handshakes and the secret pacts
    So here is where I’ll come to find
    All that is grows on the new vine.

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