Feline Friday

I am away from my little one this week, but fear not! I have spent the week bothering my mom’s cat, whom we call Cat, with my intrusive photography habits. I try make up for it in chin scratches.

Here he is playing with his water in the cup we keep in the sink for him. For years after we rescued him, he would only drink running water, but he seems to have found some entertainment value in his water mug.

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    1. Human logic doesn’t usually seem to apply to cats. Apparently a lot of cats don’t drink enough water because still water is too boring to interest them. Not like dogs who will drink almost anything if they’re thirsty! That’s a little more well-adapted, if you ask me, but cats don’t ask 😉 .

    1. Oh yes, he’s very sophisticated! It’s hard to keep thinking that when he turns around and licks his butt, but that’s cats for ya.

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