International Newsem: Global News That Rhymes

The World Health Organization reports that air pollution is serious shit:
In 2012 approximately 7 million were killed by it.
Russia has been kicked out of the Group of Eight,
And some of us wonder if a G7 will carry as much weight.

MH370 has been ruled “beyond a reasonable doubt”
To have been lost at sea after leaving its route.
A boat near Uganda carrying refugees 
Capsized and drowned 107 Congolese.

Over 500 Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Egypt
Were sentenced to death with their rights mostly stripped. 
The trial lasted less than an hour and was lacking a jury,
Prompting the UN to say there is cause to worry.

Unemployment in Spain is at 26 percent,
Contributing to “dignity marches” that turned violent.
A new law in North Korea, meanwhile,
Requires all men to wear their leader’s hairstyle.

Another sad story out of the Denmark zoo
That only last month created quite a hullabaloo.
This time they killed off a healthy lion family of four
To make room for one male that they wanted more.

To protect species’ diversity captive animals may be culled;
But knowing this does not leave my sense of despair dulled.
The more news I know, the more I am led
To question the knowledge I had in my head.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any thoughts on the news, on what you might like to see here in the future, or anything else on your mind!

2 thoughts on “International Newsem: Global News That Rhymes

  1. Thanks fer da links 🙂 wow… what a werld huh.where insanity a breweth ? 😦 .especially egypt ,,,guess i aint going to be visiting that place jeez//……. Q

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