1,500 miles north to the daily grind

The highway has replaced the gentle Gulf surf on the other side of our windows; my sunglasses are stowed in favour of a hat and scarf; and the welcome of paperback pages has been overtaken by the glare of computer screens. Sigh.

We drove the first 1,050 miles in 19 hours and listened to all of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on tape. The Harry Potter books are some of the only audiobooks that don’t make me cringe, so it’s a good thing I love them. We tried Stephen King’s The Stand on the trip down, but that drove us crazy by the end of the preface.

Anyway, here is the sunrise we left behind:


I took about 8,000 pictures of it because I was looking at the road (driving) and hoping that my phone was pointed toward something pretty out the window.

Then there is this treasure, from somewhere north of Florida and south of Kentucky. Although I can’t remember exactly where we were, I’m sure someone in the NSA knows. So if you’re reading this, drop a line in the comment section!


And probably north of that:


You’re right, what more is there to say?

And finally, we picked up our baby at her grandparents’ house and drove the last 450 miles the next day!


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