10 thoughts on “800 Miles of driving in 3 pictures

  1. I used to have this theory that distance from a major metropolitan area was directly proportional to the number of bill boards / stores / signs selling guns and religion. The theory held up pretty well in the Northwest and Northeast. Then I drove through the South…

  2. P.S sorry meant to put this in the previous comment – was your road paved with good intentions before you made it to that sign? Maybe you should have stopped off at the previous one and loaded up – you know if hell is real you’d want to go in armed.

    1. Haha I’m hoping we managed to drive by unnoticed, but you’ve got a point- maybe we should better prepare ourselves for the drive back. That was only the 1st half of the drive down, too!

      1. Well now I would definitely think on it – you know be all boy scoutty. (pretty sure that’s not a real word)

        Hate long drives myself but hey I live in North Qld, Australia most everything is a long drive from where I live.

        1. Boy scoutty is definitely a word [now]. My body hates long drives, but it hated the cold more so I tell it to shut up and drink some coffee so we can make it somewhere better. Sadly I haven’t yet made it to Australia! I get the sense that everything is really far away from everything else there, you think so? I loved traveling in New Zealand because it was the opposite!

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