International Newsem: Global News That Rhymes

A polio vaccination team in Pakistan was attacked
And the Taliban is suspected of committing the act.
In February alone 700 were killed in Iraq,
Most of them civilians who could not fight back.

As US drone strikes in Yemen continue,
The European Parliament condemns them anew.
A vote last week passed a ban on unlawful killing,
With 49 votes against and a whopping 534 willing.

A new report on casualties in the Afghanistan war
States that, compared to Americans, Afghans were killed four times more.
In another update that should come as no surprise,
Karzai berated the US for pursuing only our own rise.   

Boko Haram won’t leave Nigerians alone,
Killing another 100 people, many of whom weren't yet full-grown. 
Southeast in Mozambique, famine is setting in,
Leaving 300,000 at risk of starving within.

In China this week I could hardly believe
That a group armed with knives killed 29 before they could leave.
They injured almost 150 at a crowded train station
But authorities say all 8 killers are dead or under investigation.

Israel’s prime minister came to the White House this week
Where Obama argued that peace is what he should seek. 
Netanyahu insisted that showing strength is more important,
And construction only grows in the West Bank settlement.

The situation in Ukraine is changing every day
With Russia and the West joining opposite sides of the fray.
This week Russian forces may have seized parts of Crimea,
Prompting US threats and falling stock prices - mamma mia!

And today the Crimean parliament voted to hold
A referendum on joining Russia, which many say is too bold.
And as more comes to light there is increasing suspicion
That the deadly snipers in Kiev were part of the opposition.

In most conflicts like this it's impossible to say
That only one side is right and the other should pay. 
So take some relativity into each and every day, 
And remember that there is rarely one pure and just way.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any thoughts on the news, on what you might like to see here in the future, or anything else on your mind!

I'm not your grandmother - talk back to me!

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