The Journey Begins on a Rainy Day

September 15, 2011

Sept 15 CHB 1

Visiting this bench in the rain is probably not the best idea, the ink is smudging and raindrops are running down my neck.  But the fresh, earthy rain smell is coming up from the grass and I can hear it falling through the leaves.  In a few weeks I can imagine all the fall colours to be out and this view will be spectacular but I am only visiting Newtown for a few days and will only be in the US for a few more hours now really so I’ll miss the changing season.  So I suppose sitting here in the rain is appropriate to my sadness about leaving as well as getting used to the idea of rain for when I go back to the UK.

Text divide vector1

Well.  It’s raining.  Not perfect writing weather, but perfection is a disappointing aim. I always miss the sounds of the cicadas and crickets and frogs when I’m in the city. Anyway I’m here with a friend I had not seen in over a year.  It’s been wonderful traveling around with her again.  If it weren’t for stupid visas maybe she’d even stay!But we’ve all got places we need to be at different times.  I’m not sure where mine is right now, but whenever I come here I feel that this isn’t such a bad one to be for now.

Sept 15 CHB 2

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