Feline Friday and Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Our morning drink routine. I enjoy watching Lieutenant Pumpkin not notice that she is being soaked under the faucet, and then proceed to lick one paw or the other because – OH MY GOSH – she stepped in something wet.20140227-211852.jpgpetchallenge

Visit Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge for a dose of cute from around the globe!



    1. Thank you! That face is what lets her get away with knocking everything from the bathroom counter into the garbage several times a day. She also has surprisingly good aim.

    1. Haha aw! If I try to BRING her near the water, she claws at me like I’m trying to dump her in a tub of boiling lava. But when SHE feels like it, she hops in and waits for me to turn the faucet on 🙂 .

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