National Newsem: US News That Rhymes

International news will follow as soon as I can make something rhyme with Turchynov…


Our Secretary of Defense released a downsizing plan
That would scale our force size back to when World War II began.
He wants fewer on active duty and smaller benefits,
But expanded special operations for the next surprise blitz.

The merger between Comcast and Time Warner is still recent,
And many claim that the deal is indecent.
With net neutrality appearing less and less real,
Netflix will pay Comcast for a faster access deal.

The largest gas producer in the US
Relies on fracking, which causes many distress.
Though ExxonMobil’s CEO never cared before,
He’s opposed to the fracking project near his own front door.

Two vessels collided on the Mississippi River
And one spilled the crude oil it was on its way to deliver.
Over 30,000 gallons were spilled from the barge,
And most traffic was stopped when the Coast Guard took charge.

A nuclear waste dump in Carlsbad, New Mexico
Shut down this month, and not for a UFO.
A leak at the site raised radiation in the air,
But regulators are reopening it and say there’s no need to beware. 

Missouri’s execution practices are coming under question,
With death before appeals thought to be a moral transgression.
In the last four months four have been killed
With a questionable drug that leaves some consciences chilled.

In July 2012 Milton Hall lived on the street
When a round of 47 shots knocked him off his feet.
The Michigan police murdered Hall for stealing coffee,
And a judge this week ruled that for a lack of evidence they’ll go free.

An Arizona bill would have allowed businesses to deny
Service to LGBT people who wanted to come by. 
Seeing that public opinion was going downhill,
Three who signed it asked the governor to veto the bill.

The same day that the Arizona bill was canned
A federal judge in Texas said same sex marriage would not be banned.

Our environment and right to justice are still under attack,
But at least we’re seeing a few liberties on their way back. 
Because much of this news is upsetting indeed,
Leave some thoughts below for all of us to read!


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