International Newsem: Global News That Rhymes

So much has happened in the Ukraine,
That to summarize all of it here might explode my brain.
This week was the deadliest since the protests began, 
But Yanukovych was dismissed, and now Turchynov is their man.

Last week’s Syria talks accomplished even less
Than the first round of talks, which failed to impress.
The UN envoy was in such distress
That he apologized to all Syrians for the lack of progress.

North Korea abuses its citizens, according to the UN,
Which isn’t a surprise, except to Dennis Rodman.
The real news is that for this Kim Jong-un could face
An International Criminal Court case.

South Korea isn’t completely in the clear,
Having just thrown an opposition leader in jail for 12 years.
And Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe
Just celebrated his 90th birthday.

A pregnant teen who was gang-raped in Sudan
Was convicted and fined for “indecent acts” found in the Quran. 
She was only able to avoid death by stone or worse
By proving that she had had a divorce.

As punishment for rape the seven men
Received some lashings and a don’t do it again.
Meanwhile to Geneva an Ethiopian pilot diverted his plane
And was given prison, not asylum, so the trip was in vain.

In the art world this week, puns abound
As a cleaner threw away “art” that was on the ground.
Sala Murat’s piece included cookie crumbs and cardboard,
And leaves me wondering why it was adored.

Japan’s nuclear plant is still not quite sound:
It just leaked 100 tons of radioactive water into the ground.
And the NSA put Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks man,
On a “manhunting” target list with an unknown span.

In South Africa there may still be up to 200 miners trapped
In an abandoned gold mine that was not completely tapped.
11 have been rescued but the rest won’t come out
Since the moment they surface, they’ll be arrested without doubt.

What’s going on in the Olympics, I haven’t any clues,
But Sochi has still been the site of much news.
An LGBT activist was detained  the other day
For holding a banner that read “Gay Is Okay.” 

There was so much news that I just could not report,
Especially about protests that I didn't want to cut short.
Although by no means exhaustive, enjoy what's up there,
And know that there will always be more news everywhere.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any thoughts on the news, on what you might like to see here in the future, or anything else on your mind!

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