National Newsem: US News That Rhymes


Let’s start with what most on the East Coast already know:
There’s a killer storm beating us with ice and snow.
500,000 have been left without power, 
And at least 13 saw their final hour.
But some on the West Coast have cause to celebrate,
As the death penalty is gone in Washington state.
And In the other Washington (D.C.) we’ve seen 
Congress raise the debt ceiling til 2015.

The Justice Department has taken a stand,
Giving gay married couples the rights they demand.
Under federal jurisdiction all couples, straight or gay, 
Will have the same rights at the end of the day.

Obama decided to relax the restrictions
On immigrants fleeing violent jurisdictions.
While human rights advocates consider this a win, 
Republicans are giving it a negative spin.

Enacting another executive decision, 
Obama has made a federal wage revision.
All federal contractors, disabled or otherwise,
Will now make $10.10, a significant rise.

But Barclay’s bank is rearranging its expenses
In ways that may boggle our social senses.
Bonuses will be on a 13 percent increase, 
While up to 12,000 workers will be released.

Duke Energy has apologized for that coal plant spill,
But protesters demand more than goodwill.
The coal ash and toxic water turned the Dan River grey;
Hopefully the arsenic isn’t there to stay.

This event, though unfortunate, at least brought to light
How the state allowed Duke to stay out of sight. 
In exchange for some cash, the environmental institution
Protected Duke from lawsuits and allowed its pollution.

North Carolina was also the site
Of a “Moral March” rally against the political right.
100,000 marched against the GOP
Swarming the streets in downtown Raleigh.

Weeks after their spill West Virginians aren’t sure
If their water is safe, let alone pure.
And to make matters worse, there’s been another leak:
100,000 gallons of coal waste into Field’s Creek.

Assertions that fracking is safe will sound stale
When you hear the latest from PA’s Marcellus Shale.
A Chevron natural gas well exploded on Tuesday,
Leaving one injured, one missing, and a fire underway. 

And we’ll end this week’s news with a story from Kentucky
Where no people were hurt but eight cars weren’t so lucky.
At the National Corvette Museum Wednesday morning
A sinkhole devoured the rare cars without warning.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s update,
And if you have something to say, don’t hesitate!

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