International Newsem: Global News That Rhymes

The Copenhagen Zoo shot a giraffe dead
Because he was a “surplus” and couldn’t be bred. 
Although many offered to take him and protest was widespread,
The zoo had its way and fed him to the lions instead.  
East Asia will soon see two official meetings of note:
Between both Koreas, rendering dialogue less remote;
And between China and Taiwan, 
Talking for the first time since 1949.*

Two owners of the factory where 112 died
May face prison after being tried.
The Bangladesh garment factory caught on fire
But workers were told to continue sewing attire.

For the first time since protests began in November,
The government has detained a Thai protest member.
Bosnia too has a growing opposition on its hands,
With less corruption and higher employment among its demands.

Peace talks for Syria have started up again;
If there will be progress, we don’t know when.
At least a temporary truce has allowed
600 civilians to leave Homs’s besieged crowd.

After allowing several deadlines to pass,
Syria finally sent its third shipment of gas.
Despite consistently falling behind,
They insist they will meet the June deadline assigned.

Thousands are marching this week in Manama,
The Bahraini capital that’s seen so much drama.
Three years ago this week those sickened by hypocrisy
Took to the streets to call for democracy.

Talks are set for the South Sudanese
Government and rebels to mend their unease.
Our world’s newest country started mired in violence,
And 800,000 have been displaced since.

Bosco “The Terminator” Ntaganda is in the Hague
Facing war crimes accusations that are far from vague.
He is wanted for atrocities committed more than a decade ago
In the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A flood in Burundi has caused severe damage,
Washing away homes on its deadly rampage. 
With at least 50 dead and hospitals overfilled,
Bujumbura residents are far from thrilled.

This week it was revealed that when US drones strike
They are relying on NSA metadata and the like.
With no other evidence things go horribly awry,  
As drones target phones and kill everyone nearby.

A Russian environmentalist was thrown in jail
So that his plan to report on Sochi would have to fail.
Meanwhile, US bobsledder Johnny Quinn
Had to break through a door when it locked him in.

Although the news doesn’t stop there,
It’s time for me to get out of this chair.
So enjoy this update, and if you feel so inclined,
Gather your thoughts and leave some of them behind.

*This almost rhymes if you pronounce “nine” with a Southern American accent ;).

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