Thank GOODNESS we have Fox to save us from Hollywood’s anti-capitalist indoctrination

Hollywood is often shunned as a “leftist” institution, but many readers might be unaware of its more sinister aim: to brainwash our children into thinking that our economy is anything less than sunshine and rainbows. I certainly wasn’t aware of this scheme, until I watched the Fox Business review of the new Lego movie.

“President Business” is the villain, even though, as Fox Business host Charles Payne sees it, employers are always the guys who employ us, pay us, “give to charities,” and enable us to live wonderful lives. And speaking of wonderful lives, Payne’s female counterpart scoffs at the portrayal of Mr. Potter, the businessman who would rather see the poor on the street than allow the bank to offer them loans in It’s a Wonderful Life, to be the villain – how absurd! I’m sure there was a child who talked back to his or her parents at some point in the movie, so thank you, Fox, for encouraging us to see through Hollywood’s anti-capitalist agenda to look for the REAL villains.

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