International Newsem: Global News That Rhymes

For the first week this year no Americans have faced
Their loved ones in school being laid to waste.
But unfortunately families in Moscow now know
How shootings in schools can cause so much woe.

Kerry has said that Israel needs to play nice
To keep its global relations away from thin ice.
Yet on the West Bank they have authorized hundreds more
Disputed settlements - not exactly anti-war.

Since December the US has honoured the request
To halt drone strikes in Pakistan at that government’s behest.
But Pakistan’s peace talks with the Taliban have been slow,
Mainly because the government has failed to show.

The news out of Syria is, as usual, quite bleak:
Despite the peace talks that accomplished nothing last week,
The government has continued its bombing streak
And missed another chemical weapons deadline, to much critique.

Protesters in Kiev still demand Yanukovych resign, 
While he and the Russians say these “extremists” shouldn’t whine.
The EU and US are considering a loan
If the Ukrainian government makes reforms on its own.

Meanwhile in Africa’s dry Sahel belt
The consequences of violence are being felt.
Over 20 million are “food insecure”:
Where their next meals are coming from, they are not sure.

Now the Olympics are starting up in Sochi;
If the town will make it, we’ll have to wait and see.
Reporters’ hotels seem far from plush,
But do they really need toilets that flush?

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