National Newsem: US News That Rhymes

International news will follow shortly!

The Senate has ensured that farm subsidies will rise 
In what’s being called a “compromise.” 
But the rest of that bill has another side,
With billions in food stamps being denied.

But Obama is making an executive move
That should make employment odds improve:
He says that federal employers should avoid
Discriminating against the long-term unemployed.

Rallies took place in over forty states
In an effort to seal Keystone XL’s fate.
Though the State Department says the pipeline won’t hurt
Their impact assessment is a load of dirt.

Speaking of dirt, California is in a drought
That puts some areas’ water supplies in serious doubt.
And North Carolina experienced a major coal spill
Of ash and polluted water that may make people ill. 

After twenty years in a Michigan jail,  
A murderer decided escape would not fail.
He dug under two fences and pulled it off well, 
But within a few days, he was back in a cell.

In Idaho over forty were arrested
Demanding less gender discrimination, for which they protested.  

And CVS is taking a stand:
No tobacco will be sold, no matter the brand.

This week, as always, was up and down,
 But remember that you choose to smile or frown.

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