National Newsem: US News That Rhymes

International news will follow at the end of the week!

This latest freeze to hit the Midwest
Has been lucrative for some, unpleasant for the rest.
With the negative wind chill folks are ordering in
And tipping more to the drivers, who go home with a grin. 

Meanwhile Pennsylvania is facing a lack 
Of the salt for the roads that keeps our vehicles on track.
That might explain why in Pittsburgh our streets
Have enough slippery slush to warrant wearing cleats.

Sunday was a day of both grief and relief
For a family whose fight has been anything but brief.
After a months-long battle to put a brain-dead patient to rest,
The hospital allowed her family to decide it was for the best.

School shootings have become a fatal trend – 
We’ve seen five this year before January’s end.
And in a skate shop in a Maryland mall,
A man shot himself and two workers before so much as a brawl.  

Bitcoin exchangers have come under attack
Each taken with his hands held behind his back.
Authorities claim that the two were aware
That the money was used to buy illegal fare.

But after HSBC admitted to laundering
They just paid a fine and left the rest of us pondering.

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