Sometimes I prefer the ringing

I work at an outbound call center where our purpose is to talk to people and transfer them to a client.  Obviously, I can’t meet my goals if no one answers their phones, but here  are some of the times when I am hoping you don’t pick up:

1) I can’t figure out a single way to pronounce your name call center cartoon

2) I have come up with several ways to pronounce your name and have no idea which one you respond to

3) I am almost certain that you have provided a fake name to make whoever calls you feel like an idiot, and it might work if you – or worse, someone else in your house – picks up and I have to say it

4) I remember speaking to you recently enough that you probably remember it too

5) I’m on a roll writing a blog post

6) I just took a bite of something crunchy

One thought on “Sometimes I prefer the ringing

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